Next Club Meeting

April 28th, 2017

The next club meeting will be held on April 28th at 7:00pm at David and Eddie's house. Please check the facebook event page for more details.

Previous Club Meetings

We had a great club meeting at Gary's place on November 12th, 2016. He shared his 120g Reef and we announced our winner for our first club raffle.

About the club

Humboldt Reef Club is open to all reef keepers. Our purpose is to provide a forum to share local news and organize events in reef keeping, exchange ideas, arrange meetings, frag swaps, trades and group buys.

As a club we hope educate and support local reef keepers! We are currently raising funds for our next club speaker Scott Fellman.

Goal to funding next club speaker


Club Member Tank Profiles

Check out some of the beautiful reef tanks our club members have!

Jon's 60g Cube

Youtube Video

Eric's 14g Biocube

Youtube Video

Josh's 120 gallon Mixed Reef

Jason and Rissa's 20g

Michael Flores' 75 Gallon Reef

Geronimo's 54g Corner Reef

Eddie and David's 29g Reef

Coming Soon!

This could be your reef!

Coming Soon!

This could be your reef!

Coming Soon!

This could be your reef!

Coming Soon!

This could be your reef!

Coming Soon!

This could be your reef!

Facebook Group

Request an invitation to our Private Facebook group. We have a very active facebook group page where most of the club members are communicating. Post corals for sale, trades, questions and share your tank!

Click here to visit the group page and request an invitatiion.


Club Members

Articles & Guides

Useful information for reef keepers

Culturing Phytoplankton

How to grow phytoplankton or green water!

Phytoplankton is a fundamental organism in the marine food web. It's growing in popularity as an additive for the reef aquarium and has long been a staple of aqua culturing facilities.

Understanding the nitrogen cycle

Learn how to cycle an aquarium and how to tell what state its in!

As a beginner you'll often hear that the first thing you need to do is cycle the tank before you put any fish in.

What are the types of corals?

Learn the requirements and how to identify the main groups of corals!

By learning the different groups you can understand new coral's general requirements without knowing exactly what species it is.

Contact Us

Contact the club members via email if you cannot post to the facebook group: